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3D Scanning the 91 Million Dollar Rabbit

Aktualisiert: 26. Nov 2020

We had the opportunity to visit Christie’s Auction to scan a 90+ million dollar sculpture and magnificent piece of art. The sculpture was designed by the legendary Jeff Koons. Up until this time, the sculpture had been kept in a dark, secure space.

The 3D scan was used to make a promotional video of the sculpture.

Our clients were surprised to see how "fast" it took to 3D scan the sculpture (less than 15 min) and how quickly we were able to capture the data. 3D scanning a reflective surface is always challenging, especially a 91 million dollar surface!

Our clients were able to watch our service live, and they even invited us to attend the final exhibition!

If we can 3D scan this, we can 3D scan anything!

Who's your favorite artist?

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